The courses below are designed to meet you where you are and help you create a life of purpose and growth. Your coach, Missy, will work alongside you as a partner to guide and encourage your journey.

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Have the energy to live life fully. Feel secure in your finances. Do work you love. Feel deep connections with family and friends. Confidently pursue your purpose on this planet. Find Joy in each new day. Have time for self-care. Wake up and live life by design and not by default.

10 weeks

To help you get “unstuck” and move forward on your personal goals and lifestyle objectives, you’ll work privately with Missy for 3 intensive weeks to turn your dreams into achievable goals—then get support as you pursue your initial goals with enthusiasm.

This private, one-on-one coaching program is designed to help you take positive steps toward improving your life, career, relationships, finances and more. Not only will you move forward with a whole new level of focus, you’ll be learning an entirely new way to approach life and create the unique lifestyle you want.

3 weeks

Green gap program
financial coaching

Are you wanting more accountability coaching? The 12-session Accountability Coaching Package is the next step in keeping you on track as you pursue your dream Life.

The Green Gap is a unique coaching program to help you create a path to financial wellbeing: less stress, more balance, greater purpose and eventually, a comfortable lifestyle full of possibilities. Without the overwhelm and worry of finances, debt, and cash flow, your future could be something extraordinary and positive for the world.

Accountability Coaching
12 weeks

Each course includes weekly 60 minute sessions with your coach. Additional time can be added to your program if desired.

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